• macos

    25 Sep
    sierra apache homebrew php
    Part 1: macOS 10.14 Mojave Web Development Environment

    Developing web applications on macOS is a real joy. There are plenty of options for setting up your development environments, including the ever-popular MAMP Pro that provides a nice UI on top of Apache, PHP and MySQL. However, there are times when MAMP Pro has slow downs, or out of date versions, or is simply behaving badly due to its restrictive system of configuration templates and non-standard builds.

  • tutorial

    29 Aug
    raspberrypi nginx php7

    Modified to bring instructions up to date for latest version of the Rasbian OS - released June 2018

    A few years ago I setup a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B as a development web server. I took note of the steps involved and over the ensuing months, I've provided those notes to individuals on our Gitter chat looking to do the same thing. I recently purchased the latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B which has the same form-factor, but has a faster 1.2Ghz quad core processor, built-in WIFI, and Bluetooth 4.1. I thought I would take this opportunity to update my notes, and turn them into a full blown tutorial as this seems to be a popular subject.

    In this tutorial, we cover the basics to get Raspbian OS running on your Raspberry Pi computer. We will install the high-performance nginx 1.9 webserver, along with PHP 7.0 for optimal performance. We'll also cover installing the latest Netatalk 3 with spotlight support for easy file sharing with your Mac. So read on dear listener if you would like to discover the joy of building your own full linux-powered server on a $35 computer!

  • release

    17 Aug

    Back in March of this year, we released Grav 1.4, and soon after we proposed some PHP requirement changes to our upcoming releases. Today we are proud to release Grav 1.5 which is the first step in this process.

    With Grav 1.5, the minimum requirements for Grav have been raised to PHP 5.6.4....

  • plugin

    18 May

    With recent improvements to Grav core, as well as the release of the version 2 of Grav's core Login plugin, we've made the login plugin much more extensible via a series of login events. After several weeks in development, and some private beta testing under their belt, Trilby Media is pleased to announce the release of two very important plugins...

  • journal

    03 Apr

    RocketTheme Sale

    RocketTheme's annual Super Spring Sale is on, but the deep discounts on Grav themes and club memberships won't last long. Club memberships and renewals are available at 35% off the regular price and individual themes are 50% OFF!

    RocketTheme has 26 modern Gantry 5-powered Grav themes to choose f...

  • journal

    24 Mar

    TL;DR - Grav 1.5 will require PHP 5.6.4, while Grav 1.6 will require PHP 7.1.3

    When Grav 1.0 was officially released Dec 11th, 2015, the minimum requirements were PHP 5.4. PHP 5.4 was by far the most popular PHP version in use at the time, and so it was an appropriate baseline during initia...

  • release

    09 Mar

    Today we're proud to release Grav 1.4, which has been in development and testing since the start of December 2017. This release has been created to act as a stepping stone in the Grav development process to make some new features and functionality available earlier than previously planned, and allow...

  • journal

    22 Dec

    RocketTheme Sale

    The holidays are here, and sales are everywhere! For Grav fans, one of the best sales comes from RocketTheme, the largest supplier of premium Grav themes!

  • release

    06 Dec

    Grav 1.3.9 introduced a major bug that causes GPM to stop working in the Admin plugin. However, this has been fixed in version Grav 1.3.10 that is now available in the downloads, via CLI GPM, or Direct Install in the admin plugin. In response to this issue, we're going to start a new official...