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    16 Jul

    The blog has been a bit quieter than normal lately, but that's only because we've been busy working on a new Grav release that contains a plethora of goodies, a variety of user requested improvements, an assortment of bug fixes, as well as a smattering of important security enhancements.

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    26 Jun
    cms-critic awards

    The CMS Critic Awards are back, and it's time again to nominate your favorite CMS, Grav.

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    22 May


    RocketTheme has released a brand new theme for Grav, Supra. This Gantry 5-powered theme is packed with features that takes Grav to the next level. Not only does it benefit from Gantry 5's extensive feature set, but it also boasts over 15 premium particles you can only get from RocketTheme.

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    11 Apr

    RocketTheme Sale

    RocketTheme is having a big Spring sale! For a limited time, its entire library of themes and Club memberships for Grav are on sale. Club memberships and renewals are available at 35% off the regular price and individual themes are 50% OFF!

    With 16 beautifully-designed Gantry 5 themes to choose...

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    31 Mar

    Today we proudly released Grav 1.2 along with the 1.3 of the Admin plugin. This marks our first major release since v1.1 was released in July last year. We've been busy though! Over the past 8 months or so we had 17 releases of the Grav core, and 14 releases of the Admin plugin. In f...

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    09 Mar

    RocketTheme is the first premium theme provider for Grav. Over the past few months, RocketTheme has been building a comprehensive library of premium themes for the young flat-file content management system (CMS).

    The Grav project was founded by members of the RocketTheme team that wanted to crea...

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    31 Jan
    funding open collective

    Grav has become part of the Open Collective family! Through this incredible awesome service, we are able to promote transparency with our community, receive and manage donations, and better position ourselves to create benefits that our community will love.

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    27 Dec

    2016 has been an amazing year for Grav. There have been many milestones reached, awards awarded, and achievements achieved. If 2015 was the year that Grav arrived, 2016 was the year that Grav became a legitimate player in the open source CMS community.

    What We Accomplished...

    Grav 1.1

    The firs...

  • plugin

    22 Dec

    Since I first started exploring using Grav almost two years ago as an open and collaborative platform for the field of education, I have dreamed of a seamless 2-way sync of Grav site content to such services as GitHub or GitLab. Now, with the great work of the Trilby Media team (the people who created Grav) not only will this possible for myself but also the entire Grav community. By sponsoring the development of the Git Sync Plugin as an open source project I was able to not only support the team behind Grav but also increase the audience for my own Course Hub skeleton package and consultation services about the use of Grav in the education space.